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Movie (Video): Easy A

March 29, 2013

Bibliographic Information (APA Style): Devine, Z. & Gluck, W. (Producers) & Director Gluck, W. (2010). Easy A. [Motion Picture]. USA. Will Gluck Productions and Olive Bridge Entertainment.

Category: Movie (Video)

Descriptive Summary: What would you be willing to do to get noticed? More importantly, what wouldn’t you be willing to do?! At East Ojai High School, Olive Pendergast is an average high school girl that wonders what it would feel like to be noticed since she is basically an anonymous nobody. When the opportunity to feed a misunderstood rumor about her supposed promiscuity starts to spread, at first she thinks it’s not so bad; at least people are talking about her! But it’s not before too long that she begins to realize that popularity and notoriety are two very different things, and that one can so easily flip to the other with unexpected consequences. Olive is surprised to learn that the price of fame and infamy are often too high and she discovers new things about herself and insights into the value of self-respect along the way. This is a truly delightful coming-of-age story about one girl trying to make her mark on the world without getting marked herself. Easy A will you make you shriek with laughter, even as you wince in sympathy at the tragic comedy that unfolds.

Book Talking Hooks: Olive’s inner monologue that reveals her character as a smart, sensitive, perceptive, and self-aware person with depth is in striking contrast to the promiscuous, ‘easy’ girl image she projects and capitalizes on to other people. This split between her exterior image and inner character makes for a really interesting watch. It really brings home the fact that not everyone and everything is exactly as they seem. Emma Stone (the actress who plays the role of Olive Pendergast) and her family also make a truly engaging and quirky family that is a joy to watch and laugh with as they interact. The movie has a really funny cast with great chemistry!

The provocative costumes that Olive Pendergast creates for herself and wears to school to overstate her new popularity are over-the-top and in perfect character with the persona she tries to project as the schools ‘easy’ girl. At the same time she occasionally adds a touch of class with a string of pearls or attractive accessories. This adds a flavor of individuality to the character that many young people will appreciate as they try to make themselves unique in their circle of friends as well.

Evaluative Comments: 4/5. Easy A was a fun story with lots of laughs and a cast that interacted with natural chemistry. If you don’t pick apart the slightly improbable storyline and outcome too much, it is a good fun watch that is relaxing and a pleasant distraction from one’s own life.

Readers’ Advisory Notes: Easy A was really funny, emotionally intense at times, inspirational, and really engaging.

Reason for Inclusion: Easy A had an all-star cast that created really likable and ‘real’ characters the audience could identify with. The plot has a comedic element that does allow viewers to get in touch with the darker side of gossip, and popularity from a young adult perspective. Underneath the comedy it is a thought-provoking and reflective movie with a positive message to take away at the end.

ImdB gave the movie a 7.1/10.0 rating, and The Chicago Sun Times said that, “the movie works because its funny, yes, but also because its smart” (Chicago Sun Times, “Roger Ebert Reviews,” 2010). Rolling Stone, described it as a “comedy with killer laughs,” and generally, Easy A had positive buzz and feedback from friends and colleagues was positive (Rolling Stones Review, “Easy A,” 2010). It did not disappoint when I watched it.

Suggested Audience: I would suggest Easy A to just about anyone 13 and older, but especially young adults trying to figure out how to get noticed the ‘right way’ and make a projected personality for themselves.


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