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Seventeen Magazine (March 2013)

March 29, 2013

Bibliographic Information (APA): Shoket, Ann (Ed in Chief). Seventeen (March 2013). Hearst Corporation: United States of America

Category: Teen Magazine

Descriptive Summary: Seventeen Magazine is full of information on fashion trends, relationship advice, celebrity news, life-management advice, and wellness tips. There is so much color everywhere, and fun, creative ideas about what to wear! Seventeen also covers some serious topics such as health and fitness, which is really helpful advice for young people today.

Book Talking Hooks: Seventeen is very much an exhibition of popular culture. This magazine edition for MArch 2013 features Carly Rae Jepsen, a popular star at the moment; readers can find an interview and a photo shoot with her (Seventeen, 2013, p. 110). Readers can also see what celebrities are wearing or promoting this season. For example, Makeup colours go in and out of style and readers can see what companies carry the hottest shades and makeup combos this season (Seventeen, 2013, p. 55, 64, & 90). This edition has pages dedicated to creating a look for Prom, which is approaching in the school calendar, so it is a good source to get ideas for that event (Seventeen, 2013, p. 76-85).

There are lots of advertisements of brand-name products to attract people who are interested in looking at the latest trends in color, texture, fashion, and accessories. There’s a page of “Freebies” that readers can win if they enter (Seventeen, 2013, p. 16). Teens interested in fashion trends or perhaps planning a career in design will find this a useful resource for trend-setting ideas, not just from the advertisements of products and brand names, but also from fashion and designer column’s giving evaluative advice (Seventeen, 2013, p. 51, 54, & 140-58).

Evaluative Comments: 2/5. Seventeen is bright, colorful, creative, and engaging to look at for ideas and fashion trends if a person is interested in that area of life and creativity.

One of its larger weaknesses, however, is that the sections concerning health, fitness, and ‘wellness’ are only given peripheral sections of one or two pages. The rest is given over to everything concerning fashion, physical appearance makeovers, and advertisements for expensive brand-name products (that most teens probably cannot reasonably afford). Even if the publication must give over most of the pages to its advertising sponsors, it would be good to include more links to practical resources that aid in adolescent development.

Readers’ Advisory Notes:  Seventeen is

  • Fast-paced as it jumps around from topic to topics
  • Detail-oriented
  • Very creative, descriptive, and multi-textured
  • Current and trend-setting

Read alike ideas might be publications like Teen Vogue, People Weekly, or Entertainment Weekly.

Reason for Inclusion: This is a popular publication, it’s widely read, and covers some topic areas outside of just fashion; Seventeen also includes some material about life advice such as exercise and fitness (Seventeen, 2013, p. 124). The magazine also includes a real-life story section that teens can relate to in current events. This feature piece is about a person’s experience with Hurricane Sandy (Seventeen, 2013, p. 132).

Suggested Audience: I would recommend Seventeen to any teen interested in pop culture, fashion, entertainment icons, and creative ideas for aesthetic appeal, going from ages 12 to 18.


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